February 2017 will make two years that we’ve been dairyfree/tomatofree. The pediatrician said Carson could grow out of this allergy but thankfully he never knew a world with dairy or tomatoes. For me, on the other hand, eliminating dairy and tomato from my diet was a difficult journey. I practically lived on pizza, pasta and cheese. Over the past 2 years, we’ve found easy substitutes for pretty much everything and can alter almost any recipe to make it dairyfree, soyfree and tomatofree.

I’d also like to note that for Carson it’s not lactose, it’s the protein in dairy which is also found in soy. When you start reading labels closely your head will spin at what’s left to eat after you eliminate dairy, soy and tomato as an ingredient. That’s why we created this blog. Eliminating any of the three can be a hard task and involves a commitment and lifestyle change. Hopefully we can make your journey easier. 

We hope that you enjoy our dairyfree, tomatofree recipes! Our dishes don’t always turn out the way we planned, and we may not always master them on the first (or second) try but we will share the good, bad, and ugly with you. After all, when cooking with a Toddler Chef you never know what you’re going to get!