Potato Party! – Carson’s Vegetable Garden

We started our very first vegetable garden in April. We were super excited to get started but we quickly learned this gardening business is much harder than it looks. It also requires patience. Who knew? 

In the beginning playing in the dirt sure was fun. It was still a bit cold out so any chance to get outside was an added bonus of gardening.Even putting our seeds in the ground seemed exciting…

We were researching and learning new things daily. It was certainly a surprise when we found out potatoes actually grow from other potatoes…

We even bought a garden tent to protect our precious seeds from deer, birds and bugs.We planted organic potatoes, carrots, romaine and broccoli. The seed packets had planting directions printed on them so we followed along as best we could. 

We were pretty tired after planting so I intended to make pretty labels and mark the locations of what we planted later. Only, time passed and after a few days, we forgot what we planted and where. We figured the mystery of what was growing would just add to the gardening fun.

At first we watered often.But after a while it felt like we were just wetting the dirt over and over.

Until all of a sudden… Some green popped through the dirt.

And before we knew it, we had actual leaves. Now we had a pretty good idea where the potatoes were buried. 

Leaves growing in our garden = happy dance! Woohoo! 

Little leaves sprouted up all over.Getting bigger each week. Until one day the leaves were taking over. And in a blink of an eye they were out of control.At this point the garden became a little scary. Not knowing if a spider was going to jump out or a bug climb on you made the idea of gardening a little less fun. So we hid from our gardening responsibilities for a while.

When we worked up the courage to come back to our garden a few days later (or weeks) we realized we had company…

The pesky Japanese beetles were taking over! Now it’s war! We didn’t do all of this work and wait all of this time to hand over our veggies to some icky bugs! No way! So Momma got on her gloves and hacked away.

After we cut away at some of the leaves, we could see the romaine. It looked a little limp and out of control so we decided to do a little googling. Apparently we were supposed to “harvest” the lettuce a few weeks ago. 

All of our plans for beautiful summer salads flew out the window. We tried hard to save a few pieces but we were past the point of saving, so the lettuce was tossed in to the woods for the wild animals to enjoy. 

We did a little more googling and discovered it was time to pick our potatoes. Now the excitement returned! 

After carefully digging around the roots and pushing around the dirt, we uncovered a potato, and then another and another! Ahh! This must be what those pigs that dig for truffles feel like! Gardening was finally fun! We started out with just a handful of planting potatoes…

And now our entire bucket is full! (and there’s a few small ones still growing in the garden for later)

Have you ever seen a more beautiful bunch of potatoes? #proudmamaWe are still in shock that we were able to grow anything at all, but to have something we can make actual recipes from is beyond exciting! Not bad for a toddler Chef/Gardener (& his helper).

Well now we know what we’ll be cooking up this week. We look forward to sharing all of our dairyfree potato recipes with you this week. 

Oh and while we were gathering our potatoes we discovered this little gem…BROCCOLI! Coming soon…

Thanks for following along with our gardening adventure. 


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  1. nannygrannie says:

    Horraaaay!!! Looking fantastic.

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