Navigating Seaworld -Dairyfree

Another Orlando adventure in the books. Instead of going to Disney this trip we decided to visit SeaWorld. Carson loves everything to do with the water so we knew he’d love visiting Seaworld. We found discounts online and got half off with a veteran discount. ($49) We love all businesses who support our military!

As you know, eating at an amusement park can be pretty pricey so Seaworld’s “All Day Dining” meal plan seemed appealing. For $34.99 for Adults and Children (ages 3-9) $18.99, the website says, you get to eat all day. Really, you can eat once an hour at 7 different restaurants through out the park. That’s still a lot of food and sounded like a fun challenge! Another dilemma with eating at Amusement parks is Carson’s dietary restrictions and the overall desire to eat “semi” healthy. The website markets their “Allergy Friendly” and healthy options, so we thought we’d give it a try.

The first restaurant we stopped at was Seafire Inn. It’s kind of like a fast food fajita place. We ordered chicken fajitas (comes with white rice and black beans) watermelon and water. Overall it was a lot of food for the money. The food was pretty good for an Amusement park but definitely not restaurant quality. Maybe it’s the plastic plates or buffet style service but still worth a visit if you’re in the park.

After a few hours of playing at the park, we went in to Spice Mill looking for a snack. Not wanting a whole meal, we tried to get 2 snacks of fruit (watermelon and strawberries) but were told by the cashier that wasn’t allowed. You had to get an entree and snack or could not use your meal plan. We ended up having to get a salad in order to get the watermelon, only to end up wasting the salad. Not really a fan of the plan restrictions.

The park closes at 6 so adding up the meals we’d eaten, I felt like I wasn’t getting my money’s worth so we made one last stop for food at the Voyager. This is a BBQish style restaurant. We ended up getting French fries and salad with chicken. To be honest the salad was kind of gross so we tossed it and snacked on the fries.

Bottom line: Seaworld All Day Dining Plan has nothing on the Disney Meal Plan. Plan ahead and save your money. Looking back, I would’ve rather brought some snacks and had one good meal at one of the restaurants not included in the plan. After a while all of the food offered through the plan looked/tasted the same.

Besides the food options, SeaWorld has a lot to see and do for the little ones (and family). In addition to shows and animal attractions, there is an entire section devoted to little ones with rides and a giant play area. If you’re looking for a break from Disney, Seaworld is a nice option. 

We had a great day and it was definitely  worth the park admission. 


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