Seeds planted! – Carson’s Vegetable Garden

Getting our seeds in the ground was quite an adventure! I’m not sure who learned more lessons in gardening today. Carson is a master in the kitchen, but we are definitely amateurs in the vegetable garden arena and today affirmed it!

This is the first time we’ve been over to our garden bed since we set it up. We got our dirt ready a few weeks ago but were too tired to attempt to plant seeds the same day. That actually turned out to be a blessing because we’ve had some strange weather over the past few weeks involving frost and even some snow. From what we’ve read that would kill our garden and we can’t take any chances with extra obstacles. 

First, we spent some time loosening the soil.Then we read the seed packets to try to figure out what we were supposed to do next.  Thankfully the seeds we purchased from Territorial Seed had everything we needed to know right on the packet. Carson got to work planting our seed packets.Then I showed him what the seeds actually look like.  Carson said, “WHAT? This is going to take all day!” Who knew they were so tiny? This garden project suddenly became very intimidating. But then he remembered how excited he is to grow his own vegetables and all of the fun we will have with our “garden to table” recipes, and he was ready to plant!We planted onions, carrots, lettuce and broccoli seeds. Then we got to the potatoes… The potato “seed” box was much bigger than the rest of the packets.  We were VERY surprised to discover there were actual potatoes inside the box. You plant an actual potato when growing potatoes. Who knew?Carson didn’t know what he was supposed to do with the actual potato, so he decided to taste one.   We planted the potatoes in the ground one by one and covered them with dirt.      Gardening is certainly dirty…   After our adventure with seed planting, one this is for sure, it will be a miracle if anything actually pops up through the dirt. 

Check back to see how Carson’s Garden is coming and please share tips with us along the way!


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  1. donutsplace says:

    Loved your posts. 🙂
    Im getting some sweet potatoe slips ready to grow as soon as the weather acts right.
    I just let a sweet potatoe set on a shelf semi dark area and eventually they will start growing stems. I let them grow to a nice size on the potatoes, then pull them off and put into water so they will root. Then plant them in the dirt when they have roots.
    Last year was the first time I ever planted any! And they did okay. I just wished I had more. 🙂
    They are really good to eat.

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    1. Thanks! We love sweet potatoes! We ordered some sweet potatoes to plant from Territorial Seeds but they haven’t come in yet. Let us know how your sweet potatoes do. We’re really hoping “something” grows in our garden!

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      1. donutsplace says:

        I buy some sweet potatoes from the grocery store. preferably local. I let one or two sit around in a semi light place, room temperature. so one the will be putting out little purple tubers with tiny leaves.
        After awhile i will gently pull these off. then i put the in a clear jar or glass and add water to to it. and soon, they will be growing leaves and roots! I do not know how long it takes to grow them from seed, but the tubers or stems on the potatoes are much faster and they take off like crazy!
        When the weather is warmer ( they grow all summer it seems ) and doing good, plant them in the ground. they will grow long vines kind of like a morning glory. ( I did not know that then! ) but you can run the vines strait up to save space.
        They are pretty to look at too.
        My first crop was little. But i learned to root as many as you can to get a lot more. i will do that this year. 🙂
        some people use like backpacks for school to store the dirt in, so when the time comes to get them, you don’t have to dig, they will come right out.
        If you have good soil, i would plant them in the dirt.
        I hope this helps you some. 🙂

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      2. Thanks for the information! This is very helpful.

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