Easy Pineapple Ice Cream -Dairyfree

On our never ending quest to create delicious Dairyfree desserts, we took a trip to the grocery store in search of inspiration. We were in the produce aisle when we came across a pineapple display. We love pineapple juice so why not try to make something with a fresh pineapple. 

Pineapples can be a little intimidating because they look like a lot of work and they’re quite sharp when trying to handle them, but once you get it on a cutting board it’s pretty easy to manage.
If you’ve ever had Dole Whip from Disney or the Dole plantation in Hawaii you’ll enjoy this tasty treat. Our version is just as yummy and you can whip it up in a few minutes in your own kitchen. 


  • 1 fresh pineapple
  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk


Full disclosure: this recipe took us 2 days and 3 outfit changes but it was so worth it!  

This was our first time working with a fresh pineapple.  First, cut the top, bottom and sides off until all you see is yellow. Our Chef just can’t resist sampling the ingredients. But who can resist fresh pineapple?Cut pineapple into cubes and slice banana. Cover bowl and put fruit in freezer. We froze over night but a few hours would work too.  Day Two: Get the fruit out of freezer, milk and find your blender or food processor.  We didn’t really think the freezing part through. We probably should’ve used a glass bowl because our fruit became a giant ice cube and stuck to the metal bowl. 

We put the metal bowl inside a bowl of hot water for a few minutes and we’re ready to go! Fill blender with pineapple and banana, to top.  Set blender on mix (or medium). Each time blender stops, turn off, and push mixture down with spoon. Turn back on and repeat. Add coconut milk after a few blends. When assisting a Toddler Chef in the kitchen it’s very important to keep your eyes open and not to turn away for a second…  But how can you cry over spilled milk when your Chef is this cute?      Now once your Chef is dry and your counter is clean, your ice cream should be just about ready. It will be nice and creamy.  We decided to get a little fancy and use a cookie/cake decorating tool to fill our cups.   …& we had to break out our mini martini glasses to make our dish just a little more special. Our Chef liked it so much he needed 2 spoons! Yum!  Enjoy!


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