Easter Cupcakes

So Carson has a birthday party to go to this weekend and since he can’t eat the birthday cake I try to always bring him a Dairyfree cupcake so he won’t miss out. Usually I just go to our favorite bakery but we decided to make our own. We were feeling ambitious and even made enough for the whole office. We went to Whole Foods and picked up some plant based food coloring with no chemicals and sprinkles made of vegetables. Let the fun begin!

Everything started out great. We preheated the oven to 350.  We added Dairyfree butter to the mixer to cream.Carson liked this part the most.   (Dairyfree butter yummmmmm…)  We added sugar. Mixed in the eggs. And watched the mixer do its job. Finally we added in the flour and baking powder. We added coconut milk, when everything was mixed…The batter was a little thick so we added a little more milk.  We filled the cupcake wrappers and put them in the oven to bake. While the cupcakes were cooking we started making our icing… 

That’s when we realized we were using a 1 cup measuring cup instead of a half cup measuring cup. Oops! So instead of adding 1 1/2 cups flour, we actually ended up adding 3 cups of flour.

A few lessons learned: 

  1. Math is important!
  2. Always read your measuring cups.
  3. Never bake tired.
  4. A good Chef always has a plan B… (Drive to your favorite bakery and pick up some delicious cupcakes)



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